EASE is your secret sauce

EASE is the technology behind Cloud Snippets, EASE for WordPress, and Cloudward Hosting

Cloudward for web designers

What is EASE?

Cloudward EASE is an HTML-like markup language that allows you to:

  • Create complex and beautifully designed web apps.
  • Access Google’s cloud services, such as Cloud SQL and Google Docs for Business.
  • Build web apps with the ease of coding HTML.
  • And more.

With EASE, you can easily build web apps, and customize and integrate with Google Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, and Sheets. EASE is also open-source and can grow with your business.

EASE is easy to install, with a number of packages to fit your needs and budget.

Along with EASE, there are a number of template libraries (from the app store or helper scripts) that make it easy to add app functionality to your website. Templates include membership sites, surveys, contact us, contact management, e-commerce stores, and more.

Key Features of EASE


EASE extends HTML-like functionality, making it easy to access Google Cloud SQL, cloud storage, and Google App Engine.

You just put EASE tags into your forms and the EASE framework will set up Google Cloud SQL for you.


EASE forms look like regular HTML forms, but the EASE framework tells Google Cloud SQL what
to do — or Google Sheets where to save the data.


EASE lists get the data out of Cloud SQL or a Google Sheet and print it on the page -- the way you want it formatted and with whatever functionality you want to add


EASE functions manage if-then logic, system utilities, email, authorization, file management, page-access and more complicated functions when you need them. Plus the EASE library of functions
continues to grow.