How Cloud Snippets Work

4 easy steps to add complex functions to your website

How Cloud Snippets Work

1. Pick the Snippet you want to add to your website

2. Sign in with your Google Plus account

3. Copy the code snippet we provide for you

4. Paste the snippet into your website and publish

Bam! It just works!

You’re using Google Docs and Sheets to manage your website.

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What can you do
with a Cloud Snippet?

Create a contact sheet or newsletter signup saved to a Google Sheet. Build a help system or web page from a Google Doc. Create a store catalog from a Google Sheet, or a membership site from a Google CloudSQL database.

Pick an off-the-shelf solution from the Snippet Store or customize one or build a snippet from scratch. Cloud Snippets make it easy to add Google Apps for Work integration to your existing or new website.

What exactly
is a Cloud Snippet?

A Cloud Snippet is simply a piece of Javascript code we give you to put on your website.

You don’t have to worry about anything else — Google Drive, Cloud SQL, connecting with Google’s APIs, etc. — because we handle all the complex integration for you.

Like magic.

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